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SUBJECT: Emergency Management Bulletin Explosive Incident Management

Bomb threats and random acts of violence have dramatically increased across the United States. The bombings that have occurred across our country have demonstrated the potential risk present in our society. It is imperative that all City employees are aware of appropriate methods in identification, recognition, and prevention as pertains to Explosive Incident Management.
     The safety and well being of employees and citizens is our primary concern. City employees can do the following things to lessen the risks within our workplace:
· Confront any strangers you see in your work areas. Ascertain why they are there and check their credentials.
· Ensure that you know the evacuation plan and how to evacuate.
· Have all mail delivered to one focal point, examined, and then dispersed.
· Keep no empty cartons, boxes or packages left around offices, hallways, etc. Items should be broken down or torn up and disposed of as soon as possible.
Although they may look like everyday mail or delivered goods, the U.S. Department of Transportation has provided the following points to assist in recognizing potential letter and parcel bombs:
· A parcel emitting sounds or noises of any kind.
· Oily stains or other discoloration.
· Protruding wires, foil or other metal like materials.
· Excessive weight or postage for the size of the article.
· Excessive securing materials, such as tape, twine, etc.
· A rigid envelop that cannot be flexed.
· A lopsided or uneven envelope.
· Markings such as “Confidential” or “Personal” or an incorrect title or a title with no name following.
· No return address or poorly typed or written address.
· Visual distractions on the parcel. 

     Upon receiving a bomb threat or discovering a suspicious letter or package, the Police Department should be contacted immediately by calling 911.

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